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How to choose reasonable span for steel structure scheme

Different production process and use function determine the span of workshop to a great extent.

Some owners even require light steel manufacturers to determine the more economical span according to their own use function.

As far as possible to meet the production process and use function, the reasonable span should be determined according to the height of the building.

Generally speaking, when the column height and load are fixed, the steel consumption of the frame is not increased obviously, but the space is saved, the foundation cost is low, and the comprehensive benefit is considerable.

A large number of calculations show that when the eaves are 6m high, the column spacing is 7.5m, and the load conditions are completely consistent, the unit steel consumption of the rigid frame with span of 18-30m (Q345-B) is 10-15kg/m2, and the rigid frame with span of 21-48m is 12-24kg/m2. When the eaves are 12m high and the span is over 48m, the multi-span rigid frame (intermediate design rocking) should be adopted. The steel consumption of the pendulum column is more than 40% less than that of the single span frame. Therefore, it is not appropriate to blindly pursue the large span when designing the portal frame.

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