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Prevent the installation of steel structure deviation measures

1, the steel structure into the site should be spot checks, the deformation of ultra-poor should be promptly corrected, after passing into the installation.
2, check and calibration Measuring instrument is intact, measurement verification is expired, to ensure the accuracy of measuring instruments.
3, the steel structure in the production to be considered when the load on the compression deformation of steel structures and joints shrinkage deformation values, the construction of strict control welding shrinkage deformation, pay attention to changes in the foundation settlement.
4, choose the right time measurement, to ensure measurement accuracy.
5. After the steel structure is installed, reliable temporary fixing measures shall be taken or a solid unit shall be formed to ensure the safety of the steel structure construction.
6, the installation deviation exceeds the allowable deviation of the steel structure to be adjusted in time, can not adjust the ultra-poor steel structure should record the measured value, the design and the consent of the relevant units, the visa receipt and filing.
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