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Several points for attention in the design of steel structure workshop

1. Thermal insulation and fire prevention of steel products

When the temperature of the steel structure workshop reaches above 150 C, the design of thermal insulation and fire protection must be done.

2. Roof support system and roof design

At present, there are two common practices of steel roofing on the market: rigid roofing: double-layer color profiled steel plate with insulation cotton inside; composite flexible roofing: roofing color steel plate inner plate, air insulation layer, insulation layer, coil waterproof layer.

3. Setting of temperature expansion joints

Temperature change will cause the deformation of steel structure workshop, so that the structure will produce temperature stress. In order to avoid large temperature stress, the length of temperature expansion joint section should be set in the longitudinal and horizontal directions of workshop according to the steel structure specification.

4. Rust prevention treatment

The surface of steel structure will be corroded when exposed to the atmosphere directly. When there is corrosive medium in the air of steel structure workshop or steel structure is in humid environment, the corrosion of steel structure workshop will be more obvious and serious.

5. facade design

The light steel structure is mainly characterized by the following 4 aspects: scale, line, color and change.

The colored profiled steel sheet makes the lightweight steel mill buildings lightweight and colorful, obviously superior to the traditional reinforced concrete structure of the heavy single. The design of steel structure workshop should be carried out according to its characteristics, so that the design is safe, reliable, economical, reasonable and beautiful.

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