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heavy duty portable carport/shelter wholesaler

Portable Carport/Shelter
Portable(Move to new location if required) & Suitable for any flat ground
Easy setup by inserting tubes together(Like setting up your camping tent)
Heavy duty support structure(50x50mm and 1.8mm thickness galvanized steel tubes used for all support posts, not sheet formed "C"    channel or thin tubes)
5 sets of support frames & spacing by 1.5m; 6 roof crossing beams and 2 footing beams
Tube to tube joints are all tight fit, not loose and shake
High clearance at wall side(about 3.0m, no corner bracket required)
Total weight is over 435kg(Any similar products should not be much less)
Structure sound, No quality compromised and Water leak proof
Considered as heavy duty carport/shelter
Import direct & Sale at below wholesale price!!!
We have had so many enquiries about heavy duty portable carport/shelter . These carports that can fit two cars/boats/caravans.
Advanced Portable Design to Suit Any Level Ground

This provides a very strong structure support system for the carport/shelter. Assembly instructions are provided and electronic version is available on request.
If you have done your research, you would have noticed carport/shelter this size and quality are normally over $2500.  Assembly instructions are provided and electronic version is available on request.
Who would buy these sheds? These sheds would be suitable for buyers who:
1) Are looking for a bargain
2) Are on a tight 'shed' budget
3) Want to have cheap and valued alternative solution to their storage, car protection, garden tool and equipment etc.
Technical Support: Contact us on (steel-structure@sanhecg.com OR 86-311-89607789)

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