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Benefits of Hot-dip galvanized for steel structure

Benefits of Hot-dip galvanized for steel structure

Hot dip galvanizing( HDG), is the process of dipping fabrication into melted zinc pool. Even the process is simple, it provides advantages over other anti-corrosion methods.

For steel structure building, there are some clients request the main structure surface need be treated with hot dip galvanized, especially for those clients from Europe, Australia, New Zealand and some areas which has the specific geographical environment, like saline and alkaline land.

What are the benefits of  hot dip galvanized?

1 Lower Costs.
HDG process is very simple. Its’ initial cost is lower much than a lot of other corrosion protection coatings for steel, and also offers a lower long term cost.

2.Extremely Long Life
Hot-dip galvanized steel is often used in harsh environments. It can provide longevity for about 50~70 years.

3.There is Less Maintenance Required
Hot dip galvanized coatings are self-maintaining and thicker which can save huge money in maintenance. While painted coatings need re-paint when the paint falls off.

Hot dip galvanizing meets the AS4680:2006 standard, coating thicknesses has a strict requirement, ensuring reliable and predictable coating life and performance.

5. All Over, Complete Protection
Galvanizing coatings are coated with everywhere even tiny corner of the steel structure components with uniform thickness.

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