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Maintenance of steel structure workshop

The steel structure must be maintained with paint after being used for about 3 years, so as to give the building beauty and safety.

2. Steel structure workshop is connected by steel structure parts, so electrical equipment, such as wires, should be isolated by trunking and conduit to avoid electric shock.

3. The steel structure workshop must be cleaned and maintained regularly. Under normal circumstances, it needs to be checked and maintained once a year.

4. When cleaning the exterior wall of the steel structure workshop, attention shall be paid not to disorder. Steel wire ball, plate brush and other abrasive cleaning products shall not be used. When using clean water, it shall be washed from top to bottom.

5. If there are branches, leaves and other similar objects on the steel structure workshop, they should be cleaned up in time to avoid unnecessary troubles caused by overstocking.

/6 in case of any damage to the metal plate surface of the steel structure workshop, it shall be repaired in time to avoid the corrosion of the metal plate surface by the sun and rain.

If it is necessary to use all the high elastic nano materials to protect the metal roof panel, and play an effective role in heat insulation and waterproof, saving energy for indoor air conditioning.

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