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Correct sequence of installation of steel structure slabs

1. check whether the installation of purlin is correct and solid, and whether there is leakage coating on steel components.

2. before installation, according to the profiled steel plate typesetting, it is stacked in different models. The profiled steel sheets face upward, the lapping edge towards the installed roof side, along the roof frame beams placed, using manual.

3. steel structure grid roof panels are laid on the roof eaves. During the installation process, the cornice line is taken as the benchmark, and the alignment is checked. The misalignment error of the adjacent two plate ends should not be greater than 8mm, and the slope of the roof panel is perpendicular to the eaves reference line.

4. starting from one end of the roof, place a roof slab to install the location line. Lay a profiled steel plate and check it correctly, then screw it up. After the last piece of pressed steel plate is placed in place.

5. Install the next profiled steel plate in place, and place the lapped edge on the previous profiled steel plate accurately. In order to make the installation position accurate, clamp with the former profiled steel plate, profiled steel plate fixed at both ends, and then fixed with screws.

6. The vertical overlap length of profiled steel sheet is not less than 250 mm. The overlap position is located at the roof purlin. Sealant is applied at the overlap position and a row of waterproof rivets are punched, and then fixed with screws.

7. Install profiled steel plate in place with the above method. For each 4 profiled steel plates installed, it is necessary to check the flatness of both ends of profiled steel plate. If there are errors to adjust in time, it is also necessary to measure the width of the fixed profiled steel plate, and to measure the width of the profiled steel plate at both ends of the profiled steel plate, so that the profiled steel plate can be installed accurately without fan-shaped.

8. After installing a certain number of roof floor, the installation of roof panel bearings is started, and the bearings and purlins are fixed with screws. Then lay the thermal insulation cotton, and keep the insulation cotton tightly.

9. Installation of steel grid roof panel is basically synchronous with insulation cotton, laying a piece of insulation cotton, installation of a roof panel, roof panel installation method with the roof floor.

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