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Introduction of Steel Structure Workshop

Steel structure workshop mainly refers to the main load-bearing components is composed by steel. china prefabricated house including the steel columns, steel beams, steel structure, steel truss (of course, workshop span relatively large, basic it is steel structure, the steel roof), energy efficient prefabricated houses.steel structure workshop

Pay attention to the steel structure of the wall also can use the brick wall maintenance. The steel output of our country increases, many are beginning to use steel structure, concrete also can be divided into light and heavy steel structure workshop.

Made of steel industrial and civil construction facilities known as steel structure

1, steel structure of light weight, high strength, large span.

2, prefabricated building structure steel structure construction period short, lower investment costs.

3, fire protection of steel structure building is high,strong corrosion resistance.

4, steel structure building, easy to move, no pollution.

The roof of low rise villas are sloping roof, the roof structure basically uses is the triangular roof system made of cold-formed steel, light steel members in sealed ends structural plate and plaster board, formed a very strong “plate structure”, prefabricated building suppliers this kind of structure system with the capacity of earthquake resistance and the level of load a stronger,suitable for seismic intensity of 8 degrees above the area.

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