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How should a steel structure workshop cool down reasonably?

1. Reasonable installation of exhaust air system will obviously improve the air environment of steel structure workshop and reduce the temperature of steel structure workshop.

2. install the roof without power ventilator. Unpowered ventilator is a kind of ventilation equipment which relies on air convection principle to ventilate. When the indoor and outdoor air environment is different, it will produce air flow, thus eliminating indoor exhaust gas and hot gas.

3. mandatory cooling. It refers to the installation of a cold air blower on the roof of a factory building. The cold air blower is a machine that uses the principle of water cooling to cool the air and conveys the cold air indoors by a strong exhaust fan. It can keep the indoor temperature of the steel structure workshop at a comfortable temperature of 26-30 degrees.

4. Spray the efficient heat insulation reflective coating on the roof panel. This product has excellent heat insulation and heat preservation performance. It can be coated on metal, concrete, grey wall, wood structure surface, asbestos tile, plastic, FRP, rubber and other surfaces.

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