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Maintenance methods of color steel roof

一、rivet leakage repair methods:

sunshine 2000PA single component waterproof adhesive brushing 4 times, thickness of about 1.5mm, diameter of about 60mm, the next brushing more than one coating non-stick hand.

二、Leakage repair method at plate joint
1. maintenance methods for small joints:
(1) 200mm 2000PA single component waterproof adhesive can be applied to the seam.
(2) paste non-woven fabric (or fiberglass cloth), cloth width 200mm
(3) Brush three times on non-woven or glass fiber cloth, 50 mm wider and 1.8 mm thicker than the previous one. The last coating should not be sticky.
2. maintenance methods for larger joints:
(1) a raincoat 1000PU waterproof adhesive can be sewn into the seam.
(2) apply a wide 200mm sun 2000PA single component waterproof adhesive to the seam.
(3) paste non-woven or fiberglass cloth, cloth width 200mm
(4) apply 3 times of sunshine 2000PA single component waterproof glue on the stickup cloth. After painting, it will be 50mm wider than the first time and about 1.8mm thick. The last coating should not be sticky.

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