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Corrugated steel sheet
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Corrugated Sheet Steel

Corrugated Sheet Steel

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Corrugated sheet steel
Roofing & wall corrugated sheet is the Corrugated sheet steel which has been wave formed with the cold rolling treatment. Corrugated sheet steel has been widely used in public buildings, industrial buildings, commercial and residential buildings. It’s the main choice as roof and wall for industrial buildings(such as workshop,warehouse).With widely application of Corrugated sheet steel, a lot of new Corrugated sheet steel styles have come up, and the appearance is more beautiful and mechanical performance is more reasonable.

YX25-205-820/1025 Corrugated sheet steel

What are the common sizes of Corrugated sheet steel?
V820、V840、V900、V880、V750、V780、V475、V600 and so on.

Corrugated sheet steel service life?
PE coating: about 10-15years
PVDF coating: about 20-30years.
It also depends on the using environment and maintenance.

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